Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The week in which Sister Cheever learned lots of important things

Dear all,

This week I learned a lot of important things. Or maybe that's just one really big thing. I know we hear it a lot, but our Heavenly Father loves us. Even when we fall, even when we don't reach our potential, even when we feel like we've failed, that love never leaves us. He is always there to help us. He always loves us. And that love gives us power.

This was a little bit of a hard week, I know you've all had 'em like that. Sometimes things just don't go the way we'd like. Sometimes we just don't know how to keep going forward. Sometimes we just feel a lot of pressure. Sometimes it's just hard to want to try again the next day. Sometimes we just need to ask for help.

Don't wait, don't delay, don't hold out. Use the power of prayer to talk to your Heavenly Father. He wants to hear us, He wants to help us, He will never leave us. We are His children.

Also remember that there is someone that understands and knows you perfectly. He is our Savior Jesus Christ. When you feel like giving up, when you feel like you don't have strength, remember His journey through life. Was it easy? No. But was it possible? Yes. And your journey is possible as well. If you feel lost, remember that your map is the words of our prophets, the ancient and modern-day ones. Look there for direction. I know that the scriptures help us to find meaning and direction to our lives, if we can only be attentive to the voice of the Holy Ghost.

So remember that our Heavenly Father loves you, our Savior suffered so that you don't have to, and the Holy Ghost will teach and inspire us so we can understand and complete this mortal journey.

Lots of love,
Hermana Cheever

Monday, April 20, 2015


Dear all,

Sorry for the lack of emails ultimamente. Things have been going really well and we are really busy! So earlier, our ward had been reduced to just one area, when it had been two. So my companion and I worked the whole ward instead of just half. And it's a big ward. It covers the area of about 4 Utah-sized stakes. But in these last transfers last week, they put more missionaries in our ward! So we're excited about that. And they're Elders! It's so weird because I was used to working with Hermanas. But it's all good. So that's one big news for this week.

The other is that our investigator Elías was baptized yesterday! Elías is a 12-year-old with a lot of family members who are Mormon. His dad is a member, but inactive. When Elías found out about the Church, he instantly wanted to learn more. Our first visit with him, he told us that he wanted to become a brother in the church. Teaching this young man was a truly incredible experience, I could really see that the Spirit teaches those who are ready to listen. It's not so much what we say, but the spirit with which we say it and how prepared the person is to listen. I know that Spirit will teach us and help us to know the "truth of all things" (Moroni 10:5).

He's the one in white without glasses and a wife. 

We are happy and healthy (more or less) here in Valle Del Sol! You should all do all you can to further the work wherever and whoever you are. There's a place for all of us in God's plan.

Hermana Cheever

I just haven't taken many pictures lately, but here are some of them.

my old district (half of them left in transfers last week)

a sister in our ward whose son was baptized last Fall. The first time he's been to church in a suit!