Monday, March 30, 2015

Feliz cumpleaños!

Dear all,

Things have been going just dandily! (Is that even a word? Sometimes I forget how to speak English). This week I will complete one year as a missionary! WOW! Time has flown by so quickly! But I just want to share with you all some things that I maybe already knew before but I understand better or realearned here. I am sure that you maybe also know these things, but I invite you all to understand better or relearn them as well.

  • God loves us. That love never changes, and He always wants what is best for us. 
  • God is in control. When things don't seem to go your way, take a breath, take a break, and ask yourself if maybe your way isn't God's way. 
  • The Atonement is real. There is just so much to understand and comprehend about this topic that every single day of your entire life you can learn more about it. And that's a fact. The Atonement gives us power and reason to live each day. Also, as part of your Easter and Conference celebrations this week be sure to see the new church video Because He Lives. 
  • Patience is a virtue. And virtue is a grace, Grace is a little girl who wouldn't wash her face. But for real, patience is a real and important thing that we could all use a little more of. 
  • When we trust in God, we can do anything. I know this from experience because I have eaten goat stomach and cow liver and lo and behold, I am still living. But this applies in other areas as well. Like when you think you're so tired you can't take another step, or when an investigator just isn´t progressing, or when you think you just can't handle one more trial. Just hold on and remember the important three things mentioned above. 
  • This life is a time of trial to prove to God that we love Him and want to return to live with Him. So prove it!
  • Repentance is a necessary part of life. If God expected us to be perfect, He wouldn't have sent His Son to sacrifice His life for us. 
So that's my message for this week. Keep learning and remembering and applying gospel principles in your lives, and I know that you will find a way out of your darkest holes and your most painful trials. And trust me, I'm a missionary.

Hermana Cheever

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Spring!

Dear all,

All is well here in Puebla :) I am really loving everything. I had the neat experience to be a part of a trio for two weeks. I was always scared of being in a trio because I thought that it could never work out well, but it was such a great thing! Let me explain. Our ward, Valle del Sol, was split into two areas, that is, there were two companionships working in the ward. But in these last transfers, they united the areas so that there is only one area. And it is HUGE. So I moved to the other missionary house with my new companion, and the sister that was formerly in the other half of the ward stayed for two weeks to help us learn her half of the ward. But she has now finished her mission. We went to the bus station last Friday to drop her off. Sad moment. We had really learned to love each other and to work in harmony between the three of us. But I am happy that I no longer have to sleep on the floor.

Other things. They have been going very well. The past few months have just flown by. I am really learning that the secret to success in God's work is selflessness. We have to think about other people, be there for other people, and just do everything for other people. This Saturday we have a baptism planned for Minerva. She is a really special lady that is ready to make covenants with God.

Another thing that I have learned in these few weeks is that priorities really matter. Since the two areas were joined together, we had twice the work in half the time. It's been really hard trying to give all the investigators, converts, and less actives the time and attention that they need. We have been learning to set goals and make plans to achieve them and to put our priorities in order. I think that in normal life there are so many things to think about: the job, the school, the family, the church calling, the bills, the friends, the extended family, and many other things. The Lord knows that there's a lot of good things that we can do, but what is the best thing we can do? This has been a little bit of a challenge for me, but as we have really focused on the people that are willing and ready to progress we have seen many blessings from the Lord. I know that as you put priorities in your life that are in harmony with the Lord’s priorities for you, you will be blessed. Perhaps we can never do everything, but if we focus on the gospel and priorities, we will do the things that matter most, the things that will lead us to eternal life with our Father and our Savior.

So don't worry about doing everything and pleasing everybody. You will be happier if you do the things that matter most so that you can please God.

Have a great and prioritized week.
Hermana Cheever :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

More miracles and more happiness

  Dear all, 
Well last week I didn't have time to write, but almost the best thing ever happened! Adrian decided to be baptized on February 28th! We are all very happy, especially his mom, who was baptized in December. That was truly a miracle!

Adrian's Baptism Day!

Other things that have been happening: my companion finished her mission and went home last week! And there used to be two areas here in our ward, but the last transfer meeting we found out that Valle del Sol will only be one area for a time and I am here with Sister Palmer from Kaysville and Sister Robles from México DF. Sister Robles would have also finished her mission last week, but to accept a special assignment from our mission president, she is staying two weeks more to help us get to know the other half of the ward. SO. I am in a trio for the first time ever and I have my first ever American companion! It's been lots of fun so far. 

I know that God always gives us just what we need. Although I don't necessarily enjoy them, I am grateful for every one of the trials that I have experienced as a missionary (and as a person) because I have been able to come closer to God and to become a better person.

And now, to leave you with some other wise words of wisdom, but this time from a popular hymn, "all is well". 

Do something new and improved this week. 

Hermana Cheever
One last photo with Hermana Arano