Monday, February 23, 2015


Dear all,

So I would say that the highlight of this week was our baptism. Janett! She is fantastic. We met her on January 19, had our first appointment on January 22, in the which she accepted to be baptized on February 21. Since then she has not missed one Sunday. She prayed about the Restoration, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon and guess what? SHE GOT A TESTIMONY. That's how it's done, folks. You read, you pray, you strive to get the answer, and God will give it to you.

Here is our wonderful star!
Janett is a testimony to me that there really are people prepared to receive the gospel. Our job as missionaries is just to be obedient, work hard, and the Lord will put them in our path.

Fun fact. The brother who baptized her is a recent convert that was baptized in November! That's what I call conversion!

This week we also experienced a miracle! We had dropped an investigator because he couldn't set a baptismal date and therefore was not progressing. For these last two weeks he kept coming to church, but we didn't teach him. On Thursday we received a call from him that he wanted to have his baptismal interview. So we called the elders and he had his interview. When they finished, he still hadn't set a baptismal date. So that was weird. But on Sunday he told us that he knew that now he needed to be baptized, he had the desire and the answer from God that it had to be. So later that day we sat down with him and his mom, and long story short, he accepted March 8th as a date! I know that this is an answer to all our prayers and fasts that we have done for him. It is the first time since he started receiving the lessons in November that he has accepted a date!

And my exhortation for all of you this week comes in the form of a quote from the world-renowned Jonas Brothers "hold on!" When you feel like giving up, take another step, when you want to quit, pray, and when it doesn't seem like there's a way out, remember that Jesus Christ has conquered death, physically and spiritually. Because of that we have every reason to hope. And I know that God never abandons us. 

Smile :) you´re on God´s camera.
the same day as Janett´s baptism,
two other sweet sister were also baptized.
We had a regular party. 

and don't judge too harshly, the sun was really bright. 

Hermana Cheever.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Another week in the mission

Dear all,

This week was a good week. We have been having lots of good things happening, namely that people accept baptismal dates! Janet, Alonso, Jovanny, Sebastian, Diana, Maria Auxilio, Jacqueline, Dulce, and Minerva all have a baptismal date. The trick is to get them to church.

I am oh so happy for Janet. She is progressing stupendously! We have not had even one problem with her. She is so ready to be baptized! This Saturday she will be able to make her first covenant! I will send pictures next week!

My invitation to you all this week is to evaluate your life, look at your patriarchal blessing, and ask yourself what you are doing to receive the blessings promised therein. What are you doing well? What do you need to change? What do you need to stop doing? How can you truly achieve your potential. But don't just think about these things, write them down, give yourself a follow-up, and keep changing and improving and becoming the person that God wants you to be.

Our Savior died for us that we might have the chance to live. His gift was selfless, incomparable, and infinite. But also supremely personal. Discover something new this week about what the Atonement means for you. Never settle for "okay", "good", or even "the best". Seek for the excellent way that our Redeemer has prepared especially for you.

Motivation and love,
Hermana Cheever


the most beautiful flower ever! And a weird plant that I found.... ;)

my district

Monday, February 9, 2015

El día del amor y la amistad

Dear all,

Happy Valentine's Day this week! Although I like its name better in Spanish "Day of love and friendship".

Things are going super well here in Valle del Sol! My companion and I are working super hard because this is her last transfer and she wants to go out with a bang. In this email, principally I would just like to communicate to you all the idea that Tim McGraw so wisely expressed one time through song "live like you were dyin'!" Every day do everything you can to keep God's commandments, love others, and keep commitments. Don't wait until tomorrow to do something that the spirit told you you should do right now.

Also, another wise quote from good ole Tim "stars go blue". You can all interpret that one for yourselves, if there's an interpretation to be found.,

Hermana Cheever

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Happy February everyone!

Today I turn 10 months in the mission! And my companions (my companion and the other sisters in our ward) gave me a flan pie!

 Something great that happened this week was that Janet went to a baptism and loved it. She also introduced us to her cousin, and now we're teaching them both! Things are going good in the teaching department.

We went to downtown Puebla today to see the Cathedral. It is beautiful! The architecture, of course. I just love art, and history. Here's a fun fact for you all: when the cathedral was being built, I imagine around the 15th century or thereabouts, they had it all done except for the placement of the giant bell that went in the very highest tower. It was super heavy and they just couldn't get it up there. So they left it overnight and when they came back the next day, it was in place in the tippy-toppest tower. And that's that.

But here are some super great pictures of the Cathedral.

Love you all, have a great week, keep being amazing!
Hermana Cheever


We ate breakfast with Miriam. She made us chilaquiles verdes. Deliciosos.