Monday, October 13, 2014

Corn, corn, corn, nothing but corn.

Dear all. Welcome to Atexcac
This is called a milpa. I have no idea what it would be in English becuase hey, I pretty much grew up in the city. But there is a ton of corn. And right now, if you didn't know, is pea-harvesting time.

I love it here, it is so pretty, I am astounded every day by the creations of our God!

The people here are pretty great, as well. There is one sister that we visited this week whose name is Gabina. She has had a hard life. She married young and had a lot of kids. Her husband left her a widow, also at a young age and she remarried. For many years her husband didn't allow her to go to church because he was Catholic. Three years ago he died and she was free to go to church again. She is having a really hard time financially, she still has young girls at home to take care of. But her faith in God is amazing. We were asking her about Joseph Smith, and she said, "actually, I don't even know very well who Joseph Smith is" (well, in Spanish). She knew that the Church was true and had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Restoration without even understanding everything. She doesn't know how to read, either.

That just goes to show that when we open our hearts and trust in God, He will give us to know the truth of all things through the Holy Spirit. Gabina is an example to me because she is so trusting, and she believes everything that God tells her, or makes her feel. It would do us good to let go of our pride and our doubts and just believe.

It's amazing all the things that God is teaching me here on the mission. This truly is the greatest blessing of my life. I am so happy and so filled with the Spirit. Even in the face of rejection and opposition, we can find much to be grateful for.

I hope you all have a great week and take some time to notice the great things around you. Don't let your big head get in the way of the little miracles God sends you every day.

Hermana Cheever

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