Monday, November 17, 2014


Dear all,

Well it's well into Fall here in Atexcac, and I don't know if I have told you before, but IT'S COLD. We are close to the mountains and so it gets cold around this time of year. But nothing compared to good old Utah.

The most exciting things that have been happening are with an investigator named Belém. She was pregnant, but she had her baby. ON MY BIRTHDAY. They asked me for a list of American names, so I gave them some that I could remember, and they chose Meredith. Awww. I was hoping they'd name her Rachael. But, win some lose some. Belém has been progressing a lot. This Sunday she came to church! We weren't expecting her for some time, about a month, because of the baby, but she came! She's really close to baptism, there's just a slight problem with her family and letting her get married. But we are hoping and praying that God will soften their hearts so that Belém can be baptized and start on the path that will lead her family to exaltation!

I don't remember when the last email I sent was, but we spent part of my birthday with some members, and that weekend we ended up eating three cakes! There's also a tradition here to take a bite of the cake and everyone smashes your face in it, so that also happened three times. I've learned the Mexican birthday song "las mañanitas" pretty well by now.

We are working hard to help people progress toward baptism, but it's difficult in this small town. Almost all of the members are somehow related and people outside the family don't see why they should change their religion. But we've just got to trust in the Lord and His timing and keep working hard and being obedient and faithful.

As always, have a great week and get involved in the work of salvation!

Hermana Cheever
A Birthday Cake

I found the Spider on Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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