Monday, January 19, 2015

Otro cambio mas

Dear all,

Another transfer has ended. We were informed last night that my companion will be leaving the area :( and she only has one transfer left until she goes home. I will miss her a lot, but I trust that the Lord knows better than we do, and we are in His hands. I look forward to getting to know another fantastic sister missionary and working with her in Valle del Sol.

Things have been pretty normal, and nothing super out of the ordinary has happened. Something good is that the past two weeks a member, Hermana Velez, (the same sister that we spent Christmas with) has invited us to do a Family Night in her house and invite our investigators! Jovanny, our neighbor has come both times and his little brother Sebastian has come once. Tonight they will be joining us again, this time with their mom, Miriam, who is an inactive member. Slowly but surely we are activating her. I have great hopes for this family! They are fantastic, and there is so much waiting for them if they will just take the first steps.

I encourage you all, whoever you are and wherever you are, to be examples of the believers. You would never believe what a difference a good example can make in the lives of the investigators and less actives. Live the gospel to its fullest, let your testimony show in all your actions and words, and reach your potential! Our Heavenly Father is just a prayer away to help you!

Speaking of prayers, yesterday I had a really cool experience. We had a stake fireside and the Temple President of the Oaxaca Temple, President Atkinson spoke. It was a really great meeting and he left a really powerful message. But the greatest thing is that Margarita, our recent convert, and her son Adrian went! I was sitting there, waiting for the speaker to begin, I thought "I hope Adrian feels something so strong that he can't deny it and that he wants to be baptized. It would be great if President Atkinson could give a shout-out to the investigators". That thought was followed by another "I should make that thought a prayer..." so I expressed my desires quickly and silently to my Heavenly Father and as soon as I finished my little prayer, President Atkinson began to speak and said something like "I hope that if you have questions, you will ask them. I see a lot of members here, and hopefully we are visited by some friends tonight. Actually, if you are a friend visiting us, please raise your hand.” Boom. Prayers are answered. But Adrian didn't raise his hand. I hope that he was able to really feel and treasure the spirit that was there throughout the fireside.

We learned a lot about the temple, and President Atkinson left with us a challenge that I would like to extend to all of you. Set a goal for how many times you would like to go to the temple this year. The goal should be realistic (maybe we won't be able to reasonably go to the temple every single day) but also something that should make you stretch and exercise your faith. There will be opposition, because of course Satan doesn't want you to reach that goal, but remember that God is ALWAYS stronger than Satan.

Set goals, run fast, achieve your dreams. Peace, love, happiness, and baptisms.

Hermana Cheever

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  1. Thanks again Rachael,
    I am setting a goal to go at least once each month! Some months I have been able to go more than once and sometimes it is difficult to attend even once! Dale goes twice a week to work in the Temple and that has blessed our family and our Marriage more than anything! I believe that being in the Temple often can really bless the lives of anyone who sacrifices their time to make the effort to be there when they can!
    We love reading your posts and we love you too!
    Auntie M. : )