Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Happy February everyone!

Today I turn 10 months in the mission! And my companions (my companion and the other sisters in our ward) gave me a flan pie!

 Something great that happened this week was that Janet went to a baptism and loved it. She also introduced us to her cousin, and now we're teaching them both! Things are going good in the teaching department.

We went to downtown Puebla today to see the Cathedral. It is beautiful! The architecture, of course. I just love art, and history. Here's a fun fact for you all: when the cathedral was being built, I imagine around the 15th century or thereabouts, they had it all done except for the placement of the giant bell that went in the very highest tower. It was super heavy and they just couldn't get it up there. So they left it overnight and when they came back the next day, it was in place in the tippy-toppest tower. And that's that.

But here are some super great pictures of the Cathedral.

Love you all, have a great week, keep being amazing!
Hermana Cheever


We ate breakfast with Miriam. She made us chilaquiles verdes. Deliciosos.

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