Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz Mother's Day!

First of all, to all the mothers that read this, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
Things have been going well here in Puebla. Right now it gets really hot during the day and then in the afternoon it sometimes rains. But when it rains, it RAINS. Like flooding the streets-, outside for two seconds and you're soaked-, umbrellas don't help-kind of rain. But it's beautiful.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about and learning about the Christlike attribute of faith. Christ really is our best example of faith--He never doubted and always trusted in His mission and the mission of the Father. Faith is something that maybe we will never get to completely understand here in this earth, because it requires believing and trusting in unearthly things. But it is something that we need to study and exercise daily in order to live.

A few weeks ago we had interviews with our mission president, and we talked about faith. I'd like to share with all of you something that he shared with me. He says he's got this vision of faith. And it looks like this: Moses leading the children of Israel into the Red Sea. Maybe he didn't understand exactly what was going to happen, but he trusted in the Lord that He would provide a way for the children of Israel to leave Egypt, so even when he encountered the great, un-passable sea, Moses knew that the Lord was going to follow through on His promises that He would free His chidren. So he took one step in the water and...nothing. Another step...still nothing. But he trusted in the Lord. He had faith. So maybe he kept walking until the water was up to his neck, saying "Lord, I don't know how you're going to do it, but I know that you will. I am going to save these people or die trying". And maybe when Moses takes the last step and the water covers his head, that's when the Lord parts the sea. Faith requires action, and if we never act, we very well may never see the blessings.

So this week I invite you all to have a little more faith, work a little more, take one more step, and trust that the Lord will do what He's said He'll do.

I know that we are all imperfect, and we have an imperfect faith, but even like that, God loves us. Because He sees us as we really are and as who we can become.

Have a great week, and PRESS FORWARD WITH FAITH.

Hermana Cheever

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