Monday, April 21, 2014

La Primera vez en que Hermana Cheever ha viajado sola

Dearest family, friends, etc,

Estoy in Mexico! I love it here. I left the MTC on Wednesday morning and went to the SLC airport, Caundo estaba esperando (I arrived like 3 hours before my flight) I talked with a nice man de Guatemala, as well as a sister RM who was on her way to visit her mission after being home for ten years. It was neat. On the flight from SLC to Houston, I sat next to a man from Ecuador who was on his way to visit his sick padre. We had a good conversation, y hablamos en espanol! Fue una experiencia muy buena. While waiting in Houston, I tried to get the courage to talk to some people in the airport, pero tenia miedo. I did talk to a jovencita en el caurto de reposo :)

Well life went on and I made it to Puebla! The President and Sister Reeves and the assistants to the President met me at the airport miercoles en la noche, y durmi en la casa misional. El proximo dia, we went to a zone conference (not my zone. They informed me that the zone in which I would be serving had had their conference earlier on Wednesday) and I was the only white hermana! But it's all good. I understood casi half of everything. On Thursday nightI met my trainer, Hermana Campos. She has only been out for 9 weeks. NINE WEEKS. And she is my trainer. She does not speak English. Que buena suerte, no? She is wonderful, and we communicate just fine.

Oh, and by the way (esto es especialmente para mi distrito en el CCM), ESTOY SIRVIENDO EN ATLIXCO! Estuve muy emocionada cuando el presidente me informo que voy a ir a Atlixco. Ya no puedo creerlo! Es muy bonita aqui, y esta manana, vi Popo, el volcan! Hermana Dominguez es un fotuneteller.

A girl in my district in the MTC is from Atlixco, Puebla, and she told me that Atlixco was going to be my first area. Guau. Miracles happen. Speaking of miracles, we met two girls on the street who needed help with a project for their English class at the university, They wanted to interview me in English (I was a little offended that they assumed I speak English just because I'm white ;)) so I told them we would help them with their assignment if they would listen to our message. We were right outside the chapel, so we went in and did the interview, then Hermana Campos and I taught a lesson. It was just going to be short, but they seemed very interested, so we kept going. We talked about how the gospel blesses families. I even extended the baptismal commitment! In my first ever real live lesson! It was pretty amazing. They did not accept a baptismal date, but wanted to learn more about the church, so we set up another appointment. Unfortunately they do not live in our area, so we will have to pass them along to some other missionaries, but I hope that something good comes of it! I hope they get baptized!

Hay muchas otras cosas que pasaron, pero no tengo tiempo y ustedes no pueden leer cartas tan larga. Entonces, voy a terminarlo.

I am doing really well, missionary life is basically the greatest. Everyone do your part wherever you are to help the missionaries in the area. Missionary work goes nowhere without the work of the members!

Love always,
Hermana Cheever :)


  1. For those of us who can't read Spanish - Kaitlin translates as follows: Cuando estaba esperando = when I was waiting. Fue una experiencia muy buena= it was a very good experience. Pero tenia miedo = But I was afraid. A jovencita en el caurto de reposo = A young girl in the quiet room. Miercoles en la noche durmi en la casa misional = Wednesday night I slept in the mission home. El proximo dia = the next day. Que buena suerte = what good luck. Esto es especialmente para mi distrito en el CCM, ESTOY SIRVIENDO EN ATLIXCO! = This is especially for my district at the MTC, I AM SERVING IN ATLIXCO! Estuve muy emocionada cuando el presidente me informo que voy a ir a Atlixco = I was very excited when the president told me I would go to Atlixco. Ya no puedo creerlo = I couldn't believe it! Es muy bonita aqui, y esta manana, vi Popo, el volcan = It is very beautiful here, and this morning, I saw Popo, the volcano! Guau = Wow. Hay muchas otras cosas que pasaron , pero no tengo tiempo y ustedes no pueden leer cartas tan larga = There are a lot of other things that happened, but I don't have time and you guys can't read very long letters. Entonces, voy a terminarlo = So, I'm going to finish.
    Just a warning, these may not be the most correct translations ever!

  2. The translations are perfect, I'm so exited for her. Please send me her email address I would love to write to her in Spanish!

  3. Thanks for the help in understanding the specifics and it sounds like she is off like a shot. Good luck in your efforts and thanks for sharing.

  4. Querida Hermana Cheever-

    I loved leyendo su espanol. Sus cartas (or emails) me encantaria mucho! Cosas en mi casa no estan bien. Mi esposo esta infermo con cancer otra vez y su doctor solamente le da seis de doce meses a vivir. No tenemos miedo porque entendemos la esperanza del evangelio de Jesu Cristo. Recuerda mi esposo en sus oraciones & voy a recuerdo tu en mi oraciones. PS, es Popo el mismo de Popocatepil? Me gusta decir este palabra!