Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Week of transfers!


Well this week is week 6 of our tranfer cycle, and who knows if I will be here in Barrio Independencia or even Atlixco next week!

So I would like to take the opportunity to share with you all some things that I have learned from the members, less-actives, investigators, missionaries, and people in general here in the first four months of my mission! (Yes, I have been gone four months. If you were wondering why you missed me, that's why).
  • God loves us. All the time. This is something that I have a hard time remembering, and I keep learning it. I feel like when an appointment falls through or when a week, two weeks, or months pass without a baptism God is upset with me and disappointed. Not true. He loves us all the time. Even when we're disobedient, prideful, arrogant, and hard-headed. 
  • The Lord lets us make our own decisions, sometimes. It is not meet that we should be commanded in all things. 
  • When you expect the best from other's not guaranteed (I have never known how to spell this word and nothing looks right). But at least you have high expectations for other people. 
  • Some people don't like the USA. 
  • Sometimes when Mexicans sound like they're mad, they're just telling you that they love you. 
  • Mangoes are a real fruit and quite delicious. 
  • God gives us lots of chances to mess up. 
  • In the midst of a lot of trials, there are even more blessings. Every time that I have a hard moment, I think of Antonia, the lady who was baptized last week, and what a great and lasting change she has made in her life. And it shows. She looks so much happier all the time now, and she is so much more confident. In life, the total is always so much more than the sum of parts. If you don't understand that, ask a statistics or psychology teacher. Or better yet, Heavenly Father. 
  • And lots of other things. 
I hope all is well with all the eyes that come into contact with this letter. And the bodies that are attached to them.

Peace, love, and happiness from Atlixco.
this is in front of a church on the top of Cerro de San Miguel (cerro means hill) that we climbed today.
And some more fotos:
Looking for investigators


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