Monday, August 11, 2014

Here we go again!

Dear all,

So this is going to be short because I have not a lot of time to write this week! But I love you all, and thank you so much for the letters you have all sent me this week! And thank you for your prayers! They are felt, that I can promise you. I don't have time to write back to everyone this week, but know that I love you and appreciate you taking the time to write me!

Something I learned this week: I am not humble. I am going to work on that. I encourage all of you to obtain a copy of Preach My Gospel, read chapter 6, and choose one attribute to work on that will help you to become more like Jesus Christ. Something I learned about humility, it is recognizing your dependence on God, but also learning to recognize your dependence on others. God has placed all the people with whom we associate in our life for a reason, and we need to learn from all of them.

Look for missionary opportunities. Well, do more than look. FIND THEM! I promise you they are there.

Hermana Cheever :)

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