Monday, August 25, 2014

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Dear all,

So. I have a new companion (not so new anymore that it is the fourth week of the transfer). Her name is Sister Hernandez, and she is from Saltillo, Coahuila. And yes it took me 6 days to be able to say Saltillo Coahuila. But I can say arrpentimiento ten times fast. Sorry, that was a lie. Sister Hernandez doesn't speak English, but I get to help her learn! So we'll see what damage I can do with that; in spite of being a missionary the teaching skillz todavĂ­a me falta. Did I ever tell you guys that one time I tried to hold a weekly English class in the church? That was fun.

Speaking of fun, today I did something awesome! Awesome enough to go down in the Cheever Book of Fame (mom don't read this part). So my companion and I got ready to leave para hacer some compras. Go shopping. I walked out of the house behind her, shut the door, and promptly remembered that I had conveniently left the keys inside. We frantically searched for an open window. Annnd yes! There was one. But I had to climb up on the roof/eave/algo/something to reach it. But it was easy and safe and not even very far off the ground. I was examining the opening of the window, and decided that thanks to the abundance of tortillas in Mexico I wouldn't be able to fit. My companion is smaller, and we both ended up trying to get ourselves inside the window. But because of the configuration of the window, Sister Hernandez's short legs couldn't breach the bottom part of the window (I know this is complicated and you probably can't even picture this in your mind so it doesn't make sense and I didn't take pictures, disculpame. But hang in there). So I decided (this is when the Cheever part of my genes kicked in, I just know it) that I could do it. I squeezed myself in through the window and dropped down into the stairs of our house, almost without injury. I minorly bruised my hand on the window sill. It was awesome.

Okay mother, you may resume reading :) So yes, my first adventure.

On another note, we found a new investigator this week named Diego! He is thirteen years old and ready to be baptized! Almost. He had been attending another ward with a friend, and he is really interested in the gospel. So we started teaching him and hopefully he will be able to make his first covenant with God in two or three weeks! When we asked him what he wanted us to teach him, what he was interested in, he told us "the gospel!" And we asked what he liked about going to church with his friend, and he told us "the scriptures!" We have a lesson with him later tonight, I'm excited to teach him because he learns really well and quickly!

And to close, I would just like to remind all of you that God loves you and He wants you to be happy. When you're feeling blue, just remember that you didn't lock your keys in your house. Unless you did. But even then, remember that God loves you.

Romans 8:35-39
Mucho amor,
Hermana Cheever :)
This is chile en nogada. Es delicioso. Google it, I can't even remember what all was inside. Like the whole world. 
New Shoes :)
Sister Hernandez, from Saltillo, Coahuila

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