Monday, September 15, 2014


¡Buenos días!

Or tardes, or noches, or whatever time it is while you are reading this. Fun fact about Mexican culture: if you say buenas tardes when really it should be buenas noches, the other person promptly corrects you, "Buenas noches".

So I am going to be transferred, adios Atlixco! I am both sad and happy. I am . . .sappy! (I will think very highly of you if you can tell me what tv show and what character that is from). Last night we received the call and I will be leavingtomorrow. I won't know until tomorrow where I am going to be serving for the next while, but you can rest assured that it is where the Lord wants me.

This week something great happened! We were walking in the street, leaving an appointment when a man called out to us and wanted to talk with us. Naturally I was a bit apprehensive, but he was very respectful and told us that he wanted to quit drinking. Okay, that's great. He told us that he wanted to have a smile on his face and be happy like we were. We gave him a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and took his address. Unfortunately, he doesn't live in our area. We also invited him to church on Sunday. That was Tuesday, I think. A day or two later we saw him again en la calle (street) and he asked if we had anything else to read. We gave him the pamphlet of The Restoration. The next day, we found him again (he has like 3 jobs selling food in the street), and he surprised us by telling us that since the day he met us, he has not drunk alcohol at all, and he feels so much happier. The words in the pamphlets had made a difference in his life, in merely 3 days. We left him the pamphlet that teaches about the Plan of Salvation. Saturday we saw him again, and asked about what he has been learning, and he told us about what he had read in the pamphlets, what an amazing experience Joseph Smith had, and how he was excited to see what could happen in three months, or a year, if just a few days of knowing the gospel had made such a huge difference in his life. We gave him a Book of Mormon and briefly explained its history. He told us he was excited to come to church the next day. When we arrived at the church building Sunday morning, he was there waiting for us. He thoroughly enjoyed the church services. The bad thing is that he works all the time, all day, and we don't know how he is going to be taught and prepared for baptism, but the moral of the story is that the gospel changes life damas y caballeros.

Have a great week and do great things! The Lord loves you and wants you to succeed!

Hermana Cheever :)

ps VIVA MÉXICO y feliz día de Independencia. Y que bueno que nos toca escuchar el grito hoy en la noche. We have the privilege of living near the site where the President of Atlixco will be directing "el grito" at midnight tonight. All of Atlixco will be gathered in one place and will be shouting "viva!" all night long in honor of the Mexican Independence Day, which is el 16 de Septiembre, y not the 5 de mayo. Just to clear that up. Fun fact, September 16 is also the birthday of Nick Jonas.

paz fuera.

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