Monday, July 20, 2015


Dear all,

I can't even remember very well what I wrote the last time I wrote, so I will just write everything that is new! To start off with, I am currently in Metepec, Atlixco with Hermana Chauque! She's from Argentina! My first companion that's not Mexicana or from the US (only one from the US). So basically I have had a lot of Mexican companions. So, I don't know how well I can speak Spanish, but I am pretty fluent in Mexicano, which makes it hard sometimes to understand someone from Argentina! (All of the countries that speak Spanish speak it differently. Maybe like the difference between the US and Great Britain and Australia, etc.)

But we are having a great time! The best thing that anyone can do with their life is serve the Lord. Wherever you are and however you can. I love being a missionary, and sometimes I think I would just like to stay here forever.

Right now we are working with a few different people, hoping to help them accept and live the Restored Gospel. There's one couple that I especially love, Miguel and Rosa. Rosa is in a wheelchair, she can't walk very well and she has lost her sight. Sometimes she gets really depressed and it's hard for her husband and her son to help her. But Miguel is a very good man, and he treats her really well. Five years ago they knew some missionaries and they taught them for a bit, but the missionaries were transferred, and, as is wont to happen, they stopped investigating the church. But we have found them again and they are accepting the lessons really well. They have a lot of trust in us as missionaries, and they love it when we visit. Rosa says that every time we leave she feels as if a big weight is lifted from her shoulders! I am excited to invite them to the temple open house in August, for the rededication of the Mexico City Temple. We are going to hopefully set a baptismal date with them today, even though it's going to be hard for them to attend church because they work Sundays. But I know that if they start to experience more of the blessings, they will be more willing to sacrifice. It is so important that we make sacrifices to be able to open up the windows of heaven.

In other things, today is Friend Day in Argentina! To celebrate, we ate popsicles. When we went to go do our shopping, we ran into a sweet girl we are teaching named Verónica! See attached photos.

I hope that everyone is having a great week and is taking advantage of opportunities to serve others and share the gospel!

Hermana Cheever

ps I found Carmen and Melina in Atlixco! They are people that I knew one year ago when I was here for the first time!
Hermana Chauque! She's from Argentina! 
We went out to eat today!
Burger King isn't any better here than in the US.
 But....a missionary's got to eat.
With some awesome Elders in the transfer meeting.
Elder Sánchez, on the left, was my zone leader for 3 transfers
and then he invaded my area in Valle del Sol,
Elder Sosa was in my district for one transfer, he is a super happy person.
And the other is Elder Ortega, he was my district leader for one transfer,
 and then he was a secretary and we were in the same one for about 3 transfers.
Elders Sanchez and Ortega went home this last transfer. 
Other missionaries 
Hermana Campos, my first companion, finished
her mission and also went home. 
with Hermana Estrada, the last day together. 

Today is Friend Day in Argentina!
To celebrate, we ate popsicles

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