Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Pioneer Day!

So Friday (I think...) was Pioneer Day! And you know what we did to celebrate? Almost nothing. But I was grateful to think that people existed that walked more than I do. Because sometimes we walk a lot. Haha But now for real. I was reading in Our Heritage about the sacrifices the pioneers made and I am just so impacted every time. They gave up so many things and passed through so many hardships. But the Lord needed them to pass that trial by fire to sanctify them and make them worthy, able, and willing to build up the Church when they reached the Salt Lake valley.

And in every one of our lives, the Lord does the same for us. We are each pioneers in our own way. We all have to cross our personal plains of pain and progression to be able to reach the peace and pleasantness of eternal life. (How's that for alliteration?) SO...where are you on your plains? In your wilderness? Do you trust in God? Do you remain happy and celebrate the good things with your loved ones? Do you press forward with faith or do you go backwards in doubt? Is there anything that will keep you from reaching Zion, or will you give it your all?

So that's the inspirational part of my letter.

Something exciting that's going on in Mexico is that the Mexico City Temple is going to be re-dedicated after it's remodelation. But first, they're going to open it up to the public for an open house! We are so excited and are inviting everybody to go and feel the Spirit of the Lord's house. We have two investigators, Rosa and Miguel, who are excited to go! Rosa is blind, and she worries about not being able to see the beautiful temple. but we have told her that it is something that is more felt than seen. I know that if she goes with the right mind-set, it will be an amazing and life-changing experience for her! The temple changes lives! The gospel changes lives! Let's be pioneers and change the world! One life at a time.

Have an amazing week, and sigan adelante (keep pressing forward) on your personal plains! Because if you do, there's a really salty lake awaiting you. Oh, and other things like temple blessings :)

Hermana Cheever

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