Monday, August 31, 2015

The wonderful world of a missionary

Dear all,

This week I have a little bit more time to write. I am doing just really super great! Something that I have learned here in Mexico on the mission is that the Lord is great and good and grand and all things wonderful. So many times he blesses us in ways that we may not even recognize. There's so many small miracles that we see each week, there's not even time to write them. But let me tell you about one young man named José.

José is a student at the BUAP (a university). He is from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Currently he rents a room in a complex that the bishop's wife runs for the students. We met him one day when we were helping her paint. He saw our nametags, and asked "are you guys elders?" Close, but no cigar. Well, cigars no. Close, but no....watermelon. Anyway, he said he wanted to go to church with us, that elders had taught him in his house in Merida. So of course we invited him to be baptized. Okay, that's not quite how it happened, we waited for the baptismal invitation until our first appointment with him. But he accepted and he really has desires to change and be a better person. He is reading the Book of Mormon and he went to church yesterday. He is so going to be baptized this month.

But this little story also serves to teach us that we must be examples of the believers in every moment, you never know when someone is watching. We also always need to wear a figurative nametag as Mormons. We were painting, so of course we weren't in our normal missionary uniform. When we changed, I thought for a brief moment "should I put on my nametag? We're just here with the bishop's wife..." but of course! We always need to be prepared, willing, and able to teach the gospel.

In this often dark world, the Lord uses His covenant people as a lighthouse to those souls that are searching for the light. Let your light shine, be an example, and go get 'em!

Hermana Cheever

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