Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Dear all,
It is now September. Crazy how the time flies.

Things are going great here in Puebla. The food is great, the people are great, and I am great, too.

We are working with 4 people that we hope can be baptized this month, it's going to be a struggle, but we are going to see miracles with José, Martha, Felix, and Carlos!

On Sunday, my companion and I had a special experience. We were going to have a family night with a less-active family, and another family was going to go with us. When we got to their house, the other family was already there, and the dad of the family was the only one home, and he was just about to leave. We asked if we could just sing him a hymn and say a prayer. He accepted, and we sang "Nearer, My God, To Thee" and shared a simple scripture. He said the prayer, and started to cry and to thank God that He had sent us to share a simple message with him. He said it was just what he needed to hear.

I know that God uses us to answer others' prayers. I know that if we follow the promptings of the Spirit and show other people our love, we can make a difference in their lives. No matter how small, it counts!

Another great experience is that I could go and visit a convert from a past ward where I served. It was so great to see her and the progress she has made in the gospel, and the change the gospel has made in her life. I love being a missionary and I love serving the Lord. 

I hope that this week you can all find ways to be the answer to a prayer, a friend to someone in need, and get just that much closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Hermana Cheever

ps if you ever wondered what I do for fun on Mondays....WALMART

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