Monday, June 23, 2014

A Continuation of the Adventures of Hermana Cheever in Atlixco!

So being a missionary is just about the greatest thing ever! This week we had a really special experience that I want to share with all of you!

The relief society president, Lolita, here in our ward was called to her position about 4 or 5 months ago. She feels very inadequate about her capabilities to fulfill her calling. She was recently re-baptized (she had been inactive for many years, so many years that no one could find her records, so they re-baptized her) and feels like she doesn't know enough or doesn't remember enough about the gospel to be able to lead the women of the ward. My companion and I have gone to talk with her a couple of times at the request from the bishop to animate her and encourage her. She has asked two times to be released because she feels like she can't accomplish what is necessary. Well, one day this week she accompanied us for about two hours. We had an appointment with a new investigator, a lesson with a 9 year old, and the next appointment fell through. I thought she would go home, but she turned to us and asked "¿A dónde vamos?" Pleased that she was going to continue with us, we headed to the house of a family of former investigators.

The dad is an inactive member of many years. His mother answered the door. The family was unavailable, so we decided to share a message with his 92 year old mother. Yes 92 years old. She is still very mentally stable, it's only her body that limits her. The lesson was really great, we all felt the spirit so strong! Lolita bore her testimony to the sister that God loves her and knows that she's doing all she can to be a good member although she can't attend church anymore. In that moment, I could feel the power of Lolita's calling. She was speaking with such care and love, and I knew it was from the power of her position as Relief Society President. She has charge over all the women in the ward, she has the responsibility, power, and authority to help and uplift each and every one of them. At the end we sang the hymn "¡Grande Eres Tu!" or, "How Great Thou Art". Alicia (the mom) can't see very well or read anymore, so she was just listening to us sing, but on the second verse she joined in singing with us! And Lolita began to cry, we were all so overwhelmed with the feeling of God's love.

On Sunday after ward council, Lolita told us that she feel much better now. I hope she has really gained a testimony of the principle that whom the Lord calls he qualifies. And that's the moral of the story, hermanos y hermanas. The Lord knows you, He knows the gifts with which He has blessed you. He knows what you're capable of. The trick, then, is to recognize that we need His help, but that we can accomplish all that He has sent us forth to do.

The second moral of the story is that you should accompany the missionaries in their proselyting, the Lord needs members and full-time missionaries to accomplish His purpose of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. There are also great benefits in store for you if you do so.

Did I mention that the Hermana Lolita is 74 years old?

Also, we have two baptismal dates for the 12th of July, Antonia and her grandson Kevin :) and for the 24th of July an hermanita se llama Cristian.

I love you all, que sigan fieles!

Hermana Cheever

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