Monday, June 9, 2014

Email Short


The work is going here in Atlixco! We have 4 baptisms scheduled for July! That´s what I have been thinking about this week. We have a challenge from our zone leaders this week to have 10 more dates! 10 in one week! Luke 1:37.

Also, there has been a lot of focus here in our stake about the members working with the missionaries. We all need to open our mouths to share the gospel! I challenge each of you to meet with the missionaries in your area this week and ask for their help to know how to share the gospel with your neighbors and friends, or to present the missionaries to your neighbors and friends that aren´t members!

Also, our ward mission leader here is working with all of the members to help them form a family plan for missionary work! It´s a great idea, and I hope it will help us a lot in the coming months to receive references and help many other people to come unto Christ through the covenant of baptism.

Also, a note about member retention. Many of the less active or inactive members we have met with have stopped attending church because they feel alienated from the members or have had bad experiences. I encourage each of you to reach out to those in your wards and stakes who are less active. Invite them over for dinner. Invite them to family night. Put your differences aside and reach out, because no one is perfect, but we are all the children of a Perfect Father in Heaven.

If you feel scared about missionary work, read Romans 8:31.


Hermana Cheever :)

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